Summer coming to an end here

Aug 19th, 2014

Summer coming to an end here

Well it is feeling a bit autumnal here for all we are still in August. A few leaves are coming off the trees, the brambles are nearly ripe and the polytunnel and greenhouse are nearly empty after the last month of glut.

This evening R mowed the lawn (which doesn’t seem to be taking the hint about autumn and is still growing apace) and I cleared the decking of many of the annuals which had just gone to seed.

It was actually one of the nicest evenings I have seen – cool but bright (perhaps 12 degrees with the sun full out at 8pm). In general far more pleasant than a month ago when you just couldn’t have stood in the garden for more than about 30 seconds because of the midges.

In a way it is quite sad because summer is nearly over (and we are still not saved), but in a way I am glad because I think I like Lochgoilhead better out of season. It would be sensational if we could have a cold crisp autumn with morning frosts.

Tomorrow evening I will try to get my first crop of brambles. We nearly lost the apples to go with them yesterday when a small herd of red deer seemed to be getting perilously close to them – luckily R managed to chase them off. He calls them ‘the tick bags’ – I quite like them though if they attack my apples I may quickly change my opinion.

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