Autumn on its way

Aug 15th, 2015

Autumn on its way

This weekend is the last one of the Scottish school summer holidays, and last year we saw everything become much quieter locally after this point. Particularly the road into the village (single track) tends to become much less busy as we move into September. I don’t want to be accused of being nasty to our visitors, but I must say that some people who come to Lochgoilhead don’t really seem to understand the proper etiquette of a single track road, and either drive at 5mph the whole way, or barrel along completely ignoring the needs of the people coming in the opposite direction. The A83 which is the main road to Glasgow also starts to calm down, with generally less bikes, caravans and canoes (the canoes are not actually on the road – just on the top of cars).

I have to say that much as I love it here all year round, summer is by far my least favourite season. Too many people, too many midgies.

So roll on autumn, and in fact the trees are already dropping a few leaves. This time last year our plum tree was dripping with fruit and also dripping with wasps; this year there are a few green fruit and not a wasp in sight. Our apple trees seem in general to be doing better than last year though…

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