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Feb 24th, 2017

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Spring is sprung?

I can’t make up my mind whether spring is here or not. Thick snow all over the mountains from about 200m today and going up the path to Beinn Donich the snow was so thick on the path that I wished I had put my new¬†crampons on because it was seriously slippy.   But down […]

Feb 23rd, 2016

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Winter to Spring in a Day

This morning there was a thick layer of ice on the pond. The mountains were incredibly beautiful, white with snow down to about 300m, but pink as the dawn light hit them. Then this afternoon, I walked up to the waterfalls and stopped for a chat with a friend on the way back. Standing talking […]

Apr 28th, 2015

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Back to Winter

It needs to be seen to be believed, but on 28th April we are back to winter here in Lochgoilhead. On Sunday R and I had yet another go at Beinn Bheula only to give up before really getting on to the mountain proper because the weather had turned into a foul combination of rain, […]

Feb 1st, 2015

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Good walk this morning

R and I did the Tom a Chuilg walk today. It was interesting to see that although the snow has mostly gone at ‘Loch Level’, as soon as you walk up out of the valley it is still pretty thick on the ground. Once we got up on to the foothills around Beinn Donich and […]