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Mar 17th, 2020

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Stephen Sourdough

Due to the entirely stupid overeaction to this virus business it is now almost impossible to get food delivered which puts people like us in rural areas in an awkward position. Having said that – at least they can’t break the democratic tradition of hundreds of years here by forcing us to stay in the […]

Mar 12th, 2020

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Frog Spawn rescue

We noticed that some frogs have been creating piles of spawn in shallow puddles on the paths which inevitably are going to dry up causing the eggs to die. Yesterday I took a huge glass jar and rescued some of it. Unfortunately, although I took a ladle to try to scoop it up, this did […]

Mar 7th, 2020

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Never did so many people make such fuss about so little

I won’t get started on this virus crap as personally I think it is a storm in a teacup. People these days have become so very risk adverse that I can’t imagine how they would get on if they were translated back to the Second World War and had to continue with their daily activities […]

Mar 4th, 2020

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All the creatures waking up

Checking our webcam last night, we had two (at least) badgers, a fox, and a pine marten. None of them seemed that interested in the nuts I had put out though, as they just had a quick sniff and moved on. However, all the nuts were gone this morning, and turns out that this is […]

Feb 27th, 2020

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Bad weather

The rain we have had constantly for the last few months has now turned to snow. We’ve about an inch on the drive, but as you can see it is not looking very good at the top of the Rest. I have had to vacate my office temporarily as the door has leaked. Yesterday the […]

Feb 20th, 2020

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Something going very wrong these days

I’d be the first to admit that there have been many beneficial changes in society over the last 30 years (I wouldn’t be without my iPhone or Surface for example), but to me there is something very badly going wrong now. When I was in my early 20s I lived in Brighton with my then […]

Feb 16th, 2020

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New location of the Ram

The huge male sheep which R has named as SD RAM left the garden yesterday. R was braver than me and went out in the foul weather this morning to walk to the top of the waterfall while I cleaned the house. Sure enough SD RAM (this is a tech joke BTW) had escaped from […]

Feb 15th, 2020

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River as high as I have seen

R and I had been supposed to be repairing the shed roof today but with the weather the way it is, it is just not possible. We have had gale force winds and torrential rain since yesterday. The river is really really high and after lunch we took our life in our hands and walked […]

Feb 11th, 2020

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We have had four ewes and an enormous ram in our garden. I was expecting them to have gone overnight but they were still here today. The farmer turned up with his dog to round them up but apparently they ran off up the hill and he couldn’t catch them. My Mum wrote a poem […]

Feb 6th, 2020

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Spring is springing

In spite of the official “R Spring” not starting for another three weeks – I can see evidence of life in the garden. The narrcissi are coming out under the fruit trees and there are catkins on the pussy willows at the bottom of the garden. The siskins are also back – just in time […]