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Jan 31st, 2017

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Snow on the Steeple

The hill just between Lochgoilhead and Cnoc Coinnich is called “The Steeple” although it is not very high at 378m (it’s a nice little climb with good views but a bit muddy and pathless). I was told by a local once (well I am a local now – but I mean a long time local) […]

Jan 3rd, 2017

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Heron on the pond

I’ve been sitting looking at the weather today trying to decide whether to go for a walk or not (R is away at a conference). Every time it looks nice and I decide to go out, it suddenly deteriorates and is pouring with rain five minutes later. I eventually went out to walk round the […]

Mar 12th, 2015

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In which we are entirely surrounded by water

The title is a quote from Winnie-the-Pooh and is a slight dramatic license as we are on a hill to the extent that we would be the last house standing if Loch Goil decided to break its banks. But even so it is impressively flooded around here today. We went to Dumbarton this afternoon and […]

Feb 25th, 2015

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I was doing some gardening the day before yesterday and accidentally left the wheelbarrow outside. The picture illustrates how much rain we can get in Argyll in two days.