In which we are entirely surrounded by water

Mar 12th, 2015

In which we are entirely surrounded by water

The title is a quote from Winnie-the-Pooh and is a slight dramatic license as we are on a hill to the extent that we would be the last house standing if Loch Goil decided to break its banks.

But even so it is impressively flooded around here today. We went to Dumbarton this afternoon and the junction between the Donich and the Goil is under water. All along the side of the road, the Goil (which is prone to flooding) has burst its banks and is all over the fields. The little streams which normally are no more than a trickle are raging torrents, and dozens of extra (or as R calls them ‘unofficial’) streams have burst through everywhere the pressure of water can find a gap.

Out on the main road, the whole valley at the bottom of the Rest and be Thankful is half under water, and as usual the A83 by Loch Long and then Loch Lomond is under nearly a meter of water in places.

It was too wet to risk my camera taking many pictures, but the one on this post gives an idea. This stream is normally a ditch by the side of the Glen Mhor road.

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