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Mar 23rd, 2017

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Otter back again

Shortly after we moved in here we saw an otter on the webcam over the pond (it was actually around this time of year).  We didn’t see him again over the next few months and then we had to give up on “Pond Cam” because the network wouldn’t support it and it kept crashing “Shed Cam”. […]

Jul 8th, 2014

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Some more wildlife

Good wildlife week here. The day before yesterday we saw our first otter in Loch Goil. Unfortunately it was too fast to get a photo. We’ve also seen quite a few seals there – mostly over on the Carrick side. We also saw the first lizard I have seen in Scotland out on the path […]

May 24th, 2014

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Amazing Otter shots

I was just idling flicking through the ‘shedcam’ videos yesterday when I saw something really interesting. While we must quite literally have been sitting in the kitchen having our breakfast, a large otter suddenly shot across the camera’s field of vision and disappeared through the fence. I was super glad to see it again because […]

Mar 6th, 2014

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Otter in our pool!

Today we had another major thrill. Our second webcam (after the success of ‘shedcam’) is ‘pondcam’ and this is where anyone following the blog will have seen the video of our heron. But I was never expecting to see the pictures we got from it this morning. About 4am a long sinuous creature swam rapidly […]