Otter back again

Mar 23rd, 2017

Otter back again

Shortly after we moved in here we saw an otter on the webcam over the pond (it was actually around this time of year).  We didn’t see him again over the next few months and then we had to give up on “Pond Cam” because the network wouldn’t support it and it kept crashing “Shed Cam”.

R recently upgraded our wireless network (he put an external access point on the front of the house and a new high-gain antenna on the camera) and we turned Pond Cam back on.  Well worth it, as not only have we had some great shots of the heron – but also the otter was back last night.  I suspect he has never been away and lives under the wooden bridge across the Donich.  Click on the picture to see the video.

We’ll be keeping a close lookout over the next few weeks – it would be nice to see him out of the water.

I’m also going to put our battery powered trail cam right down at the back near the river and see if we can get any good shots of the deer.  I know they come down there from the copious quantities of poo they leave.


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