Some more wildlife

Jul 8th, 2014

Some more wildlife

Good wildlife week here. The day before yesterday we saw our first otter in Loch Goil. Unfortunately it was too fast to get a photo. We’ve also seen quite a few seals there – mostly over on the Carrick side. We also saw the first lizard I have seen in Scotland out on the path to Ardentinny.

Then tonight we were visited by a lovely red deer and her fawn. It had a really good investigate of the back garden for about ten minutes – including a go at getting in to the vegetable cage. R seemed to soften to them after seeing that – though he really hates them passing ticks to the cats (and him of course!).

Then I went down to gather more strawberries by the pond and a tiny frog the size of my thumb jumped out from behind a leaf. I still haven’t managed to get the iconic photo of one on a lily pad though!

On a slightly less pleasant note – Schrodi is currently very busy on the small rodent front. He brought us a dead pygmy shrew this morning, and then about half an hour later R noticed him sniffing in the corner over something alive. I never got a good look at what it was because I grabbed it and put it outside where it disappeared rapidly into the undergrowth. It was possibly a water rat because it was very large for a mouse – but whatever it was it had a savage bite – right through the end of my finger! Nature bites back….

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