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Aug 12th, 2015

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If it fits I sits

My mum brought me a little boudoir chair for my bedroom the other day. Before it was even in the house, Schrodi was trying to sit on it in the driveway, but now it is ensconced in the bedroom, he gave it a serious baptism by sleeping on it for several hours. I wouldn’t have […]

Aug 6th, 2015

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Shy denizens of the Woodlands….

My bird book describes the Jay as a ‘shy woodland bird’. I just went into the kitchen and there were six immature but large jays around the feeding area; two were clinging to the fat balls we put out for the tits, and one was hanging from the bottom of the peanut feeder. Last year […]

Aug 3rd, 2015

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Nice little Fawn in our garden

Saw this little beauty in the back garden the other day. The photo is not so great because it was in the distance through a window – but he was a lovely little ‘bambi-style’ spotty fawn. He bounced about having a good play for a while under the watchful eye of Mum who was helping […]

Aug 2nd, 2015

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Weather as expected….

Well the weather for the Gala Day was pretty much as expected. We went down to put the CWA marquee up with R wearing a waterproof and me making the assumption that as the sun was shining I would not get soaking wet in the five minutes it would take to do it. Bad plan. […]

Jul 31st, 2015

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Gala Day Tomorrow

Well it is our Gala Day tomorrow. The fridge is full of strawberries and cream ready to portion out, and the dining room table is covered with biscuits and cakes – all in aid of the Cormonachan Woodlands Group that I am a member of. I really hope the weather will be ok tomorrow – […]

Jul 28th, 2015

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O tempora, O mores

When I was a child (I’ll date myself and say I am talking 1970s here) fruit was something we all enjoyed and never seemed to get enough of. For example, I remember being told ‘just one tangerine’, and apples were still something happily accepted as a treat (for example at Halloween). Luxury fruit (strawberries, melons […]

Jul 26th, 2015

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The picture says it all….

I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. I laid out a plate of home made falafels for immediate consumption beside the curry and onion bhajis we were going to have for dinner (luckily the latter two were frozen in a box). I turned away to look at something on my Surface, and when I looked […]

Jul 25th, 2015

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A week to go to our Gala Day

Our Lochgoilhead Gala Day is less than a week away now and the banner is up near the village. Luckily the weather seems to be improving and hopefully we will get a nice day for it.

Jul 22nd, 2015

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Yet another new visitor

While I was out today, R got some photos of this rather fine fox in the garden where it sat for more than five minutes this afternoon. I like foxes and this is only the third one we have seen on the Donich. I was very glad to hear the other day that plans to […]

Jul 21st, 2015

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A new friend

A new member seems to have joined Team Donich today. Off and on since we have lived here, we have seen a great spotted woodpecker on the nuts, but they have always been very shy and elusive. Now over the last few days, a juvenile has started joining us, not feeding off the nuts, but […]