Gala Day Tomorrow

Jul 31st, 2015

Gala Day Tomorrow

Well it is our Gala Day tomorrow. The fridge is full of strawberries and cream ready to portion out, and the dining room table is covered with biscuits and cakes – all in aid of the Cormonachan Woodlands Group that I am a member of. I really hope the weather will be ok tomorrow – mostly because I would like the Gala to be a big success, but also because I don’t want to bring all this food back to be a temptation to myself and R (well mainly to R actually – he has a major biscuit weakness).

If you believe the BBC, it will be sun and rain showers tomorrow. If you would rather go with the Windows 10 Weather App – it will be thunderstorms. Actually it is a very nice app, but it does tend to always look on the black side – it correctly predicted the hurricanes back in October last year, but it also predicted them on many other days when actually it was quite nice. So I will go with the BBC and live in hope…

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