A new friend

Jul 21st, 2015

A new friend

A new member seems to have joined Team Donich today. Off and on since we have lived here, we have seen a great spotted woodpecker on the nuts, but they have always been very shy and elusive. Now over the last few days, a juvenile has started joining us, not feeding off the nuts, but off the fat balls which are (supposed to be) for the tits. He wasn’t scared at all, and seemed to be thinking that he had found an extra special tree which is squishy and absolutely full of grubs.

That was not all on the wildlife front today. There were four baby squirrels and about 30 assorted small birds in the feeding area this morning. Then when we opened the front door, R thought for a moment he had squished a frog which had been hiding under the sill. But in fact it was fine and very lively and I had to pick it up to stop it going to have an investigate of the hall. A very handsome chap all in green and gold and obviously hiding from our next visitor who was a heron back on the pond.

Then most of this afternoon there were two buzzards circling the house and ‘ki ki’ng at each other. I hope they are thinking of mating; which reminds me that we need to put a bird of prey box up, as there used to be owls and buzzards nested here before the old box fell to pieces

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