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Feb 21st, 2017

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Arrival of the Frogs

Going up to the waterfall the other day we noticed that there was frog spawn in one of the pools by the side of the path. Strangely this particular pool always seems to get the frog spawn earliest – and the first year we were here I got my feet soaking wet filling a jar […]

Jan 3rd, 2017

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Heron on the pond

I’ve been sitting looking at the weather today trying to decide whether to go for a walk or not (R is away at a conference). Every time it looks nice and I decide to go out, it suddenly deteriorates and is pouring with rain five minutes later. I eventually went out to walk round the […]

Dec 10th, 2016

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Advent Dec 10th – A Visitor in the Snow

Last year we got some snow while we were waiting for N and J to turn up. Then when they did, N’s car (which with the best will in the world is not exactly a ruggedized vehicle) got stuck at the bottom of our drive. We had to clear it with snow shovels, and while […]

Mar 23rd, 2016

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The wildlife are now back in force. Last night R and I watched our pine marten (or one of our pine martens?) eating nuts on the bird table for about 10 minutes. Then suddenly he shot off into the woods. We realized why a few seconds later when a large badger emerged under the fence […]

Aug 6th, 2015

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Shy denizens of the Woodlands….

My bird book describes the Jay as a ‘shy woodland bird’. I just went into the kitchen and there were six immature but large jays around the feeding area; two were clinging to the fat balls we put out for the tits, and one was hanging from the bottom of the peanut feeder. Last year […]

Apr 7th, 2015

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Active Pond

R and I spent some time looking at the spring residents on our pond the other day. Of course we have our heron (mentioned many times before) but also two ducks which I thought at one point were thinking about making a nest. The video shows some nice reflections as they come into land. Then […]

Mar 20th, 2015

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Frog Orgy

I was walking down to the summerhouse this morning when I heard a familiar burbling sound coming from the pond. Down near the stream the water was surging about and sure enough the frogs had arrived and were (not to put too fine a point on it) “getting it on” – right at the point […]

Mar 18th, 2015

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Frog Stealer

I’m afraid it doesn’t look like we are getting our frog orgy in the pond this year – I suspect due to the activities of our heron. There are some frogs (and newts) because I disturbed some while I was gardening today – but obviously the presence of the heron is a little off putting […]

Mar 2nd, 2015

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In which I am wrong

Yesterday I added a comment to the ‘SeasonWatch’ section of this site to the effect that spring was a long way behind where it was this time last year. I based this on the fact that in early March 2014 the narcissi were out under the apple trees in the garden, whereas this year they […]

Dec 8th, 2014

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Back in the distant days of summer, R and I promised that we would faithfully go for a walk every day in the winter – even if the weather was foul. Reason being that last winter we put on an alarming amount of weight through lack of exercise (and to be honest – overeating!). This […]