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Apr 4th, 2014

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First Fruits of the Garden

Things are definitely getting going now and the polytunnel is pretty crowded with seedlings.   Yesterday I took my life in my hands and moved my first early potatoes which were growing in containers outside in order to free up a bit of space. I now need to get the deer fencing up as a […]

Mar 19th, 2014

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And then there were none…

As suddenly as they appeared – in one day all the frogs have departed.  Where last week there was a writhing mass of slimy bodies ‘revelling in the joys of fornication’ now there is only a great mass of frogspawn.  Let’s hope we get a decent crop of froglets which will eat some of the […]

Mar 3rd, 2014

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What a beautiful day….

 Today was truly lovely (well it had a Goil moment at lunchtime and rained for half an hour but we will forgive it that).  R and I walked up to the waterfalls and for the first time you could really smell spring in the air.  On the way back the Highland cows had colonized the […]

Feb 25th, 2014

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After an inauspicious start to yesterday – it got out quite nice in the afternoon. Walking around the garden, various flowers are just on the point of bursting out of their buds – particularly narcissi, of which we have hundreds.  But there are also primroses unfurling on the bank by the polytunnel where I can see from the leaves that […]