First Fruits of the Garden

Apr 4th, 2014

First Fruits of the Garden

Things are definitely getting going now and the polytunnel is pretty crowded with seedlings.


Yesterday I took my life in my hands and moved my first early potatoes which were growing in containers outside in order to free up a bit of space. I now need to get the deer fencing up as a matter of urgency before everything gets eaten, so this afternoon I dug out ten of the twelve holes needed for the cage I have bought. The poles need to be buried 14″ deep, and in this garden it turns out, 12″ is the absolute maximum you can go down without hitting what feels like bedrock. It isn’t really but I have dug some huge stones out this afternoon. I did notice that the other thing I need to protect from is the cats who have the idea that the area is a huge toilet which has been created specially for them.

Most importantly – some of the things I optimistically sowed back in January are now ready to eat.

I thought the radishes were ‘delish’ but even though R tried to be polite, I could tell he was not enjoying them.

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