What a beautiful day….

Mar 3rd, 2014

What a beautiful day….

 Today was truly lovely (well it had a Goil moment at lunchtime and rained for half an hour but we will forgive it that).  R and I walked up to the waterfalls and for the first time you could really smell spring in the air.  On the way back the Highland cows had colonized the track and we had to skirt between a set of horns and the hindquarters of the bull to get past – they really are the calmest of creatures because they didn’t move a muscle when we passed within three feet of them.  We also saw a load of frog spawn in a ditch where unfortunately it may dry up – tomorrow I will get some of it in a jar and put it in our pond (hopefully to replace some of the frogs eaten by the heron).

I’m testing for the rest of this week – so this was my final full day in the garden.  The vegetable plots now look like this.


I reckon I am still on target to have them ready for planting by the time the soil reaches the magic 8 degrees.

It was nearly 20 degrees in the poly and greenhouse today and quite a few things are coming through.  I also started looking at making a herb garden – I’m growing some – but I also have ones from last year which I had in pots at the old house and have brought with me (tut tut).Image

I’m keeping them in an old cold frame at the moment.  Some of the pots are mysteries because they were here already and have no labels but I am presuming they are herbs because they were with other herbs which were labelled.  I also have two new parsleys from the garden centre – so once they get a bit acclimatised, I will move everything outside next to the beautiful big bay tree we have inherited.


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