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Mar 22nd, 2017

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Night of the Sausages

I bought R some super large hot dogs which he didn’t think much to.  So with half the packet left over, I decided to put them out for the badgers.  This was the result, but not quite what we were expecting (click on the picture to see the video). I’ve no idea where the black […]

Feb 22nd, 2017

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Two badgers…. Mating?

R noticed a bit of a kerfuffle going on outside his office last night.  When we checked the webcam we saw two badgers having a bit of a tussle (click the picture to see the video).  Not sure if they were mating, or whether they didn’t like each other (I think the former as I […]

Oct 7th, 2016

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A Good Night for Wildlife

We’ve been missing seeing our resident badgers over the summer – they have been visiting – but for some reason only in the small hours of the morning. All of a sudden now autumn is here they are back at 9pm. R had the bright idea of moving our light pole into the kitchen – […]