Night of the Sausages

Mar 22nd, 2017

Night of the Sausages

I bought R some super large hot dogs which he didn’t think much to.  So with half the packet left over, I decided to put them out for the badgers.  This was the result, but not quite what we were expecting (click on the picture to see the video).

I’ve no idea where the black cat comes from or who it belongs to, but this is the second time we have seen it in our camera (the first time Tora saw it off).  I hope it has just moved in to the village and knows its way home as we are quite isolated here.  I also hope it isn’t a stray, because it certainly wolfed down the (not particularly appetising) sausages.

If we see it again I’ll have to ask around and see if anyone knows whose it is.  Cats really are strange creatures – here we are in the back of beyond, and not only does Tora walk nearly a mile to the other side of the village to find another cat to fight, but now we have another one doing the same thing in reverse.

The movie should have the music for “10 green bottles” to go with it….

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