Two badgers…. Mating?

Feb 22nd, 2017

Two badgers…. Mating?

R noticed a bit of a kerfuffle going on outside his office last night.  When we checked the webcam we saw two badgers having a bit of a tussle (click the picture to see the video).  Not sure if they were mating, or whether they didn’t like each other (I think the former as I am pretty sure they are the mated pair we see around a lot).  Badgers apparently mate at any time of the year – but if the female is impregnated outside December she holds on to the fertilized egg until then so that the cubs are born in Feb (in UK).  It is one of my dreams to see some badger cubs, but mum and dad never seem to bring them to see the food providers – or at least don’t until such time as they are not obviously cubs any more.

We have a lot of creature activity at the moment (badgers, pine marten and a mated pair of roe deer – plus the frogs and accompanying heron of course) but unfortunately we had to move the feeding area closer to the web cam so that we could take advantage of the new high resolution camera – which means we can’t see the feeding area out of the window any more.  However we have plans to put another camera on the side of the house, plus bring back the one near the pond (on our new high strength outside wireless network).


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