Aug 17th, 2014

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Bowing to the inevitable – Surface Pro 3

I knew I was going to do this in the end, and R has been telling me I would give in for weeks now… I know I don’t need a new tablet or laptop – but I just couldn’t not have the new Surface Pro 3 – it is just soooo cool… So I pre-ordered […]

Jun 19th, 2014

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Off to Cambridge…

Next week R and I will be off to the big city (well relatively speaking). We are attending OWASP AppSec EU where I am presenting on Windows Store Apps and we are both attending some training on mobile testing (testing mobile apps that is). I bought myself an appropriate T-Shirt to wear for my presentation!

May 20th, 2014

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Super Surface

Just seen the announcement about the new Surface Pro 3…. Absolutely awesome machine and I would love one – but not sure I can justify it to myself so soon after getting the Pro 2. I’ll wait and see the reviews before I make a decision but one thing I am not doing this time […]

May 2nd, 2014

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When good Tech goes bad

Coming right off the wildlife and nature themes I have been on for a while – I think I may have mentioned in the past being a bit of a Windows Fangirl…. In particular I love my Surface Pro 2 and my Lumia 1020 phone (all the photos for this site have been taken with […]