Bowing to the inevitable – Surface Pro 3

Aug 17th, 2014

Bowing to the inevitable – Surface Pro 3

I knew I was going to do this in the end, and R has been telling me I would give in for weeks now…

I know I don’t need a new tablet or laptop – but I just couldn’t not have the new Surface Pro 3 – it is just soooo cool… So I pre-ordered it yesterday and should get it on 28th.

I went for a red keyboard. Probably I will buy the docking station in due course.

Sad, geeky addict that I am – I can’t wait to get it. Joking aside, I’ve had Surfaces since the first rollout, and I highly recommend them. They are basically everything an iPad is from a portability and usability perspective, combined with the power and flexibility of a Windows PC. I love them and want to have their babies…

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