Rolls in an hour

Mar 7th, 2017

Rolls in an hour

This idea was a combination of my own, and something I saw on the Bake Off.  Normally it takes at least two hours to make yeasted bread from scratch – so if you are a bit disorganised like me – sometimes you may forget and end up having to make soda bread at the last minute (not that there is anything wrong with soda bread).

I managed to make these rolls in just over an hour the other day – albeit with the aid of a little modern technology.  .  Either use a 500g bread mix (I used Wright’s mixed seed) or make a basic mix yourself (500g strong bread flour, 320ml warm water, 1tsp fast acting yeast, 1tsp sugar, 1tsp salt).  Put it in the bread maker and set it to ‘Pizza’ – I think most bread makers have  this setting – on mine it mixes the dough, kneads it, and then proves it for about 30 mins, but doesn’t bake it (the overall time is 45 minutes).    While this is happening, heat the oven to fan 200C, grease a baking tray, sprinkle a large dinner plate with flour and beat up an egg into a cup.

As soon as the bread maker is finished, tip the dough out and quickly divide into 8 pieces.  Shape them into rolls and put them on the floured plate.  Turn the microwave to 10% power (or defrost if similar) and cook for 4 minutes (keep an eye on them during this and be ready to turn off quickly if it looks to be actually cooking).  The rolls should be risen a bit after this – they will rise more in the oven.  Brush quickly with the egg and sprinkle with some seeds.  Slam in the oven and cook for about 15 minutes or until brown and sounding hollow when tapped.

This really works as you can see in the picture – they also tasted very nice.  They were also absolutely huge – much better risen than my usual method of making them.

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