Advent 2nd Dec – Christmas Box

Dec 2nd, 2016

Advent 2nd Dec – Christmas Box

This was Schrodi in a box the year before last. The box had contained a vegan food assortment – but it looks better with a cat.

This is not the only weird box the cats have gone for (bearing in mind the old motto – “if it fits, I sit”). A few years ago now I bought my mum a reproduction of the famous Egyptian bronze cat, and once it had been removed from the packaging, Schrodi inserted himself into the cat shaped indentation where it had been – it did not look comfy!

Christmas cooking is coming along apace, I’ve done my mince pies and sausage rolls now. I also made some saffron roast potatoes for the weekend (V and A are visiting) – they looked lovely but the saffron I bought from Amazon was very disappointing (no taste or flavour and if I wanted yellow food colouring I could buy it more cheaply than £8 for a little box). I’ll need to try a specialist supplier and see if I can get the real thing.

A bit of a nicer day today and not testing (Hurrah!) so I might try to get a better walk in this afternoon – but it is dark at 4:30pm now.

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