Back to normal

Aug 30th, 2016

Back to normal

Well thank goodness that is all the excitement over with for the time being. Between work, new floors, visitors and R being away it has been chaotic here of late. So it was nice to have people, but also nice to get back to normal. I’m also going to do another “Clean” for the next few weeks before I go off on holiday as there has been way too much rich food and alcohol of late!

We finally managed to get a nice day when neither of us was working (I thought it was illegal to have a Bank Holiday when it wasn’t pouring with rain, but maybe that is only for Scottish ones) so we climbed Beinn Bheula again as the weather was not great the first time we did it. The pictures are all by R because for some reason none of mine took. I have to say that my love affair with Windows Phone is now finally approaching its end. If all the rumours are true and there is really a waterproof iPhone coming out I’m seriously contemplating buying one – the combination of having a phone which you can’t take out in the rain and which doesn’t have your key app (View Ranger) available for it is a bit useless.






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