Red in Tooth and Claw

Jul 5th, 2016

Red in Tooth and Claw

An interesting but (sort of) quite sad thing happened this afternoon. I was working at my desk looking out at Beinn Bheula this afternoon when I heard a scratching noise like claws on concrete outside. I shot to the french windows just in time to see a rather thin looking fox disappearing under the fence with a squirrel dangling from its claws.

I was quite sad because I love our squirrels, but then I got thinking about the scrawny fox and the cubs she is probably trying to keep fed. So all nature’s way I suppose. Actually the presence of the fox (which I have only seen on the webcam at night during the winter) explains why the cats have been a bit jumpy over the last few days.

I didn’t get a picture of fox and squirrel, so the one above was taken by V when she was staying recently..

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