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Jul 5th, 2016

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Red in Tooth and Claw

An interesting but (sort of) quite sad thing happened this afternoon. I was working at my desk looking out at Beinn Bheula this afternoon when I heard a scratching noise like claws on concrete outside. I shot to the french windows just in time to see a rather thin looking fox disappearing under the fence […]

Feb 21st, 2016

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Spring is springing

The weather here today was truly awful as only Highland weather can be. Grey with driving rain and a persistent wind. R and I had hoped to get a really good hill walk in, but instead, we had to content ourselves with our usual walk along the lochside. Nonetheless, spring is on its way. There […]

Oct 5th, 2015

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Garden Raiders

I’ve been doing some brambling in the evenings this week, trying to get a decent amount together to make enough jelly to last a few months. We have quite a lot of brambles along the edges of the garden, and I worked my way up the whole left side of the front garden and gathered […]