Dec 20th, 2015


I’ve made a vegan hamper for a Christmas present rather than buying a commercial one. I thought it showed more personality than just buying one off the peg (and also I object to the fact that the company for the one I bought last year has suddenly decided that our Postcode is a remote Highland area and wanted to charge me £9.99 for delivery).

I’ve included lots of cruelty free goodies (vegan chocolates etc.) but also homemade stuff like bramble jelly, mincemeat (made with vegetable suet of course) and a Christmas cake. I’m not sure what the cake will be like, to be honest because the plan of replacing the eggs with baking powder was not really that successful, and it is a bit flat and ‘puddingy’.

Anyway the whole basket looks quite nice and is ‘recycled’ from a present box and a roll of wrapping paper from last year.

Off the help R wrap the presents now – my Mum and Dad are coming tomorrow.

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