Clove Orange

Nov 30th, 2015

Clove Orange

I made my first clove orange when I was at school and I make a few of them at Christmas most years. I find the process of making them very therapeutic, and the smell they make through the house is incredibly evocative of the season.

I’m going to make several and give them as stocking filers this year. The one in the picture just needs a nice piece of red ribbon tied round it.

I’ve also made my mincemeat now to give it a few weeks to mature. I used Delia Smith’s recipe and it looks very tasty (I must actually admit that I tasted a bit of it and it tastes very tasty too).

No more Christmas preparations for a while now as I am off on a trip to Ghent and Bruges for a week. I’m travelling down on the sleeper from Arrochar, and then continuing on the Eurostar. I’ve never done this before and am hoping it will be fun. We will see….

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