Lovely day and swans too….

Apr 8th, 2015

Lovely day and swans too….

R laughs at me because I keep on saying ‘today is the loveliest day since we moved here’. Well today was definitely in the top ten. Early this morning the grass was white with frost and the daffodils were drooping with the cold, but by this afternoon it was about 18C in the sun and the bees and butterflies were going mad in the heather (we really should get a hive).

It is also the cats’ birthday (they are thirteen today) and they had a pretty good time even by their own high standards. An M&S chicken breast each and then a long sleep outdoors under a bush (or in the greenhouse in Schrodi’s case). Also they have our permission for one vole each to be brought into the house overnight.

We walked over to the shop to put a poster up this evening (we were going to have an ice lolly but the times on the website were wrong and they were closed). As we walked back – five whooper swans flew overhead and landed in the loch, briefly driving away the seagulls and oyster catchers. Magic.

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