Planting and Weather

Mar 2nd, 2014

Planting and Weather

Had a major planting day in the Polytunnel.  I put in carrots, onions and broad beans.  I also started off some flowers for planting out next month – including a load of lavender which I have an idea of making into a hedge. The garlic, radishes and broccoli I planted earlier are doing ok.

Some of my germinating seeds are coming on well too.  Stupidly when I laid out the pots I muddled some of them up – so now I don’t know which is which of courgettes and pumpkin – plus I have three mystery plants which may be basil and may be peppers.  I suppose I will find out later on (as the Bible says – ‘by their fruits you shall know them’).

I’ve also nearly finished section 2 of the vegetable garden – and I have enough stones for a large rockery.

Although the weather was ok all day – we went to Glasgow in the afternoon and came back about 10pm.  By the time we got to Arrochar the snow was coming on thickly and approaching the Rest and be Thankful the visibility and road surface were very poor.  We slowly made our way over the top of the Hell’s Glen pass and home, but it was a bit dicey at times and we were certainly thankful for having a Land Rover.  No idea what the weather will have done to the new plantings, but this would not be a good time for it to turn very cold.

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