Gone Fishing

Feb 24th, 2014

Gone Fishing

The heron arrived at 7am this morning and was not deterred by either R setting off for town or the post van arriving.   He (or she) just sat incredibly still (nothing beats herons for immobility) until suddenly the beak struck out.  At first I thought there were fish in the pool after all – but reviewing the video – it had caught a large frog which it then consumed with apparent enjoyment. 

It caught four before slowly flapping away over the fields.  I am pleased that it is finding food and it is nice to see it on the pond – but I am sort of sorry about the frogs – they are such interesting creatures and we are not going to have much of a wildlife pond without them – to say nothing of all the midge larvae that they will eat.  Hopefully the heron is only catching a small proportion and we will get a good crop of tadpoles.

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