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Feb 10th, 2015

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Spring is Coming

I was out having a look round the garden in earnest this afternoon for the first time this year. It was pretty balmy for February (perhaps about 8 or 9C) and for the first time I had a sense that spring might be in the air. A few crocuses are tentatively coming in to flower, […]

Feb 3rd, 2015

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Snowdrops in the snow

Bitterly cold today, particularly down by the Loch with a biting wind from the north. There’s also plenty of snow still on the ground which is annoying the two sheep (which are still in our garden). But I noticed the first spring flowers today so I suppose it must be on its way eventually.

Mar 19th, 2014

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And then there were none…

As suddenly as they appeared – in one day all the frogs have departed.  Where last week there was a writhing mass of slimy bodies ‘revelling in the joys of fornication’ now there is only a great mass of frogspawn.  Let’s hope we get a decent crop of froglets which will eat some of the […]

Mar 14th, 2014

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De graz is Riz

Spring iz sprung, De graz iz riz, I wonder where de boides iz? De boid iz on de wing – Dats absoid; De wing iz on de boid. Which is just as much as to say that spring has now arrived. There will be bad weather to come I am sure – and we even […]