Spring is Coming

Feb 10th, 2015

Spring is Coming

I was out having a look round the garden in earnest this afternoon for the first time this year. It was pretty balmy for February (perhaps about 8 or 9C) and for the first time I had a sense that spring might be in the air.

A few crocuses are tentatively coming in to flower, the narcissi are shooting up under the rose bushes (I do note that the sheep have had a bit of a munch on the ones under the fruit trees!), and the hellebores which were so lovely last year are just opening up. Also something near the front gates smells quite strongly of honey but I can’t identify what it is as there are no visible flowers.

Anyway – I spent a few hours tidying up and while I was doing it, I got thinking that I have slightly lost the plot with why we moved here over the last six months or so. I really haven’t spent enough time gardening and cooking and walking because I’ve spent too much time working hard to make money and this wasn’t really the plan. So I am going to try to take things a bit easier on the work front this year.

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