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Feb 24th, 2016

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Spectacular sunset this evening

Another beautiful day today – I am sure it is preparing itself to pour with rain on Friday when I have the day off. There was a fair sprinkling of snow this morning, but by the time R and I were on our way back from our walk, it had cleared up, and by this […]

Feb 23rd, 2016

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Winter to Spring in a Day

This morning there was a thick layer of ice on the pond. The mountains were incredibly beautiful, white with snow down to about 300m, but pink as the dawn light hit them. Then this afternoon, I walked up to the waterfalls and stopped for a chat with a friend on the way back. Standing talking […]

Feb 21st, 2016

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Spring is springing

The weather here today was truly awful as only Highland weather can be. Grey with driving rain and a persistent wind. R and I had hoped to get a really good hill walk in, but instead, we had to content ourselves with our usual walk along the lochside. Nonetheless, spring is on its way. There […]

Feb 19th, 2016

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What a mess

While I was trying to eat my dinner at the kitchen table this evening, first Schrodi and then Tora decided that a kitchen roll had been creeping up on them and was potentially dangerous. So between the two of them they ripped it to shreds. And then Tora sat in the middle of the devastation […]

Feb 16th, 2016

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Snowdrops and Crocuses

Saw some lovely snowdrops on our walk this morning near the loch. They were all covered in frost, but they are tough little things and I am sure they’ll survive. Not so sure about the crocuses coming up at our front door however. Last year they were just opening up when some creature ate half […]

Feb 13th, 2016

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Fate does not seem to favour us

The weather has been lovely (for the time of year) over the last few days and I was really looking forward to having my visitors over from Glasgow today. With the insouciance of fate, when we got up this morning it was struggling to snow at loch level, and looking at the cameras on the […]

Feb 4th, 2016

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Helpful Cat

I started making a cushion cover the other night, and within a few minutes I had a not entirely welcome assistant. The combination of muddy paws and some very expensive fabric was not great and also the presence of pins on the table made me a bit worried that a trip to the vet might […]

Feb 3rd, 2016

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Finished the Clean Detox

I finished up the Clean Detox. I’m in two minds as to how effective it was. From one point of view I felt great at the end of it, but I’m not convinced that I would have felt substantially worse by just removing alcohol, red meat and caffeine from my diet and not bothering about […]

Jan 23rd, 2016

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Mega-walk Today

R is still studying for his exam (or that is his story and he is sticking to it), so today I did the ‘Artgarten Circular’ walk on my own. You walk down the Duke’s path to Coran Lochan, turn left and walk along the side of Loch Long. Eventually you pass Coilessan Glen, and a […]

Jan 22nd, 2016

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Clean Laundry

There is something about clean laundry and cats. I went to do some ironing the other night (mainly as an excuse to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ while I was doing it). I ironed one double duvet cover, put it down on the chair and went to do some towels. Two minutes later, I looked round and […]