What a mess

Feb 19th, 2016

What a mess

While I was trying to eat my dinner at the kitchen table this evening, first Schrodi and then Tora decided that a kitchen roll had been creeping up on them and was potentially dangerous.

So between the two of them they ripped it to shreds. And then Tora sat in the middle of the devastation looking very proud of himself.

The weather here tonight is shocking, to the extent that I was asking R to make sure our ‘Storm Box’ was accessible. This is for power cuts and holds solar lamps, candles, a gas cooking stove and some basic food (canned beans etc.) which could be cooked on it. I really hope we don’t have a power cut because my guests who couldn’t come last week because of the snow are coming tomorrow and I have made Chowder with black olive rolls for lunch, and a North African feast (Chicken and Olive Tagine, couscous with roast vegetables, flatbreads and humus) for dinner. So if they don’t come R and I have a lot of eating up to do.

I just went outside in the wind and rain to feed the night creatures. I think any sensible badger will be at home underground, but I couldn’t bear the thought of our poor scrawny little fox turning up for his peanuts and there not being any.

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