All the way round

Jun 30th, 2024

All the way round

Today I walked all the way round the Inverlounin loop. We went up to the cow field and through the two gates. When we got beyond them on to the hill proper, the path was very rough (a legacy of the heavy rains in October). I’d not really intended to walk the whole loop today as it is a lot further than I have been able to do in the last year, but when I got to the top and looked back, the path had all the characteristics which my foot doesn’t like – steep rough slope down with an irregular camber.

So we pushed on and went down via the rather steep but generally smooth path which links the forestry road at the top to the paved Inverlounin Road, and then all the way back round to the village.

This is more than five miles and probably more than I should have undertaken today as I am now feeling very washed out and my foot is sore.

But nontheless I did it… Exceeded my base target for the month of 5000 steps per day every day this week, and today was more than 10,000.