Naughty cat

Jun 29th, 2024

Naughty cat

Saphy did not cover herself with glory yesterday.

First of all, she was sitting on my desk quite calmly. R came in and we were having a chat, when all of a sudden, Saphy’s tail started to flutter. We ignored it for a few seconds and the fluttering got more vigorous. “She’s spraying” I shouted. “No she isn’t, she always moves her tail like that and there is never anything comes out…” R replied, but broke off in mid flow (very appropriate) when we both saw the streaks of urine on the curtain. I shouted at her and put her abruptly down on the floor. She is not going to be allowed to do that in the house, so if she squirts again I am going to get a water pistol and squirt right back!

And then to add insult to injury, just as R and I were settling down for the evening after a busy day, we noticed that both cats were in the corner of the room looking for something. Sure enough it was a large and lively mouse, and we thought we might be going to be in for a few merry hours trying to catch it. But luckily it did itself a favour and ran into the side pocket of a rucksack that was lying on the floor, and we managed to liberate it outside.

So no prawns for Saphy (she doesn’t like prawns and in fact is not at all food motivated), but its the thought that counts.