Jun 25th, 2024


I made it back to Lochgoilhead all on my own (bus, two trains and plane) apart from R meeting me in Glasgow. I was nervous about all the steps but it was actually fine.

Now I am home, R and I have resumed our daily walks, albeit a bit slowly and carefully. I am hitting my target of 5000 steps every day now, and will shortly put it up to 75000 with my target to be at 10,000 by end of July. I am also doing half an hour a day on the recumbant bike, with half an hour of strength and flexibility exercises.

My foot doesn’t flex to go flat on the floor, and as a result of the way the bones are fused I don’t think it ever will, so I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to kneel down. In fact I can do this with no problem by just holding my foot at an angle. I’m really pretty pleased with my progress in general, I wasn’t really expecting to be so nearly back to normal 10 weeks after the operation – some of the information on the internet suggested that people were still non-weight bearing up to 12 weeks.

So today R and I walked most of the way along the Inverlounin Road towards the upper path. It was pouring with rain and a bit windy, so no midgies. As we got back to the house, one of the workmen at the water plant asked us “Can you tell me if it ever stops raining here?” . “Not often” R replied.

We have a nice orchid growing just where you come through our gates.