Getting Ready for Home

Jun 23rd, 2024

Getting Ready for Home

It has been a rewarding and quite enjoyable week. It has been nice to be somewhere with a bit more life to it than Lochgoilhead and also to be able to go out in lovely weather without battling with rough steep paths, rain and midges. Really nice to wander to the excellent farm shop and browse around the quality food in person rather than ordering it from a website and wondering what it will be like when it turns up.

The only thing that has really done my head in (not the twin tub or the Norfolk water) is the stairs in the house. For some reason, J’s mum had had the bannisters removed, so all there is coming down them is an inadequate hand rail to the right and a sheer unfenced drop to the left. As my bad foot is my left, this is not great, and it is made worse by the fact that the tread on the stairs isn’t deep enough for a whole foot length. So going up and down them has been a nightmare and has been particularly bad when I had to carry anything with me.

I’ve made a note to self that I will never buy a house with stairs in it.

But Norfolk is very nice and R and I are going to take the opportunity of going on holiday there this summer before it is sold. J can look after the cats.