RC Shrine

Jun 22nd, 2024

RC Shrine

Today J and I walked down the Holy Mile between the Slipper Chapel where the RC shrine now is, and the Anglican shrine in the village. This is by far the longest walk I’ve done since the operation. Walsingham is much better than Lochgoilhead for my foot because it is nearly all on the flat and not rough under foot. The path to the shrine is down what used to be an old railway line to Fakenham, and in fact the continuation of the path is still a real working railway (the Walsingham to Well preserved steam rail way).

This is a lovely walk of about 1.5 miles each way.

There were fantastic fields of wild flowers.

This was the board at the end of the path.

When we arrived at my slow pace we were two late for mass, so we lit candles for J’s Mum and my Dad, and as the tea room was closed, we walked back.

I made the dubious decision to walk back by the road as it was the original route the pilgrims had taken and it seemed quite quiet. Unfortunately we didn’t take into account the fact that hundreds of people were leaving mass and driving back down the road. Additionally J did not think to mention (he says he did, but he didn’t) that part of the way was on the main road proper, and it was quite busy. Luckily a very nice lady stopped to ask directions as she had lost internet connectivity and didn’t know the way to Holt. I showed her on my phone, and she very kindly gave us a lift the last half a mile home.

So we cheated slightly, but still walked over five miles. I’m feeling quite pleased about managing to do this.