Anglican Shrine

Jun 21st, 2024

Anglican Shrine

Walsingham has two shrines – one Anglican and one Roman Catholic. A strange feature of the history of this country (blame Henry VIII) is that all the older churches tend to be CofE and the RC churches are modern. This is because the older churches were originally RC before they were “taken over”.

I’ll have to say that whilst I do know the technical difference between an Anglo Catholic and a Roman one – you wouldn’t know it to see it, and I think the vast majority of people wouldn’t be able to tell. The original shrine in Walsingham is the one in the village which is CofE and the RC one is based at the Slipper Chapel about a mile away (this was where the medieval pilgrims took their shoes off before walking the Holy Mile into the village).

Here are the gardens at the Anglican shrine.

Here is J at the Slipper Chapel

He has his back turned to the camera to show his “Our Lady of Walsingham” T-Shirt which I made for him to go on the Camino in 2019.

Today J and I took a little time off the house stuff and went to the shrine cafe for lunch. Very nice it was too.