Little Walsingham

Jun 17th, 2024

Little Walsingham

These are retrospective posts because when I arrived in Walsingham the utility I use to move my photos from my phone to our network went nuts and tried to back over 2000 photos up over a non-stellar Internet link so I had to turn it off.

Arrived in Little Walsingham this afternoon after an interesting and rather pleasant journey. J stayed with us at Donich Lodge last night, and then in the morning R very kindly drove us to Glasgow to catch an awfully early 7am flight. This meant getting up at 4am.
We got to Stansted at 8:10. Both at Glasgow and Stansted the walk to the gates was quite long for someone with a still recovering foot injury, and there doesn’t seem to be any option for “disabled assistance” at the airports which doesn’t involve a full concierged service with a wheelchair and being boarded onto the plane in a special lift. I would have felt a right idiot and hypocrite doing this as I am not even walking with a stick, so I just acted as a normal person which was good for me but a bit tiring. Got the train to King’s Lynn from Stansted, changing at Cambridge with no problems.

On the way we saw an unexpected old friend from the window. In case you can’t work it out, it is a “Lochs and Glens” coach being washed!

We arrived in King’s Lynn at 11am. We had a bit of time before we caught the bus, so we went into a tearoom which was very nice but straight out of 1970s.

Then we went on the Coastliner which is a great bus for tourists and locals. It runs once an hour 7 days a week between King’s Lynn/Fakenham and Fakenham/Great Yarmouth, taking in all the interesting and beautiful places on the coast on the way.

The bus is not the fastest as it takes two hours between King’s Lynn and Walsingham compared to an hour for the ordinary bus, but it is deservedly famous, not least because it runs in the winter when there are few tourists, providing an invaluable service for local people with no cars. I wish we had one like it. J and I got the best seats in the house – top deck front seats.