Penguins of the world

Jun 11th, 2024

Penguins of the world

I made a sort of “montage” work of art for my brother’s birthday which featured a photo of every country he has visited (to date 42). Each country had a corresponding penguin (my brother has a “travel penguin” he carries around the world with him) dressed out to represent its country. I drew the penguins myself – here is India for example.

And Ireland

Doubtless these are horrible racial stereotypes and would get me locked up these days – but not as bad as the wicked idea that crossed my mind when making it, that you could have a negative version. So instead of cute penguins of the world where, to give an example, Germany has a glass of lager and is wearing lederhosen, you could have “Vultures of the world” where every country has a nasty negative stereotype about it – for example the German Vulture with a swastika.

These are the full penguin drawings. In case the culture police come to hunt me down, the vulture version doesn’t actually exist. Though I am open for commissions on the idea.