Getting there

Jun 9th, 2024

Getting there

After seeing the physio last week I’ve embarked on proper exercise for my foot. I’m walking pretty fluently indoors now wearing either trainers or sports sandles with no crutch or stick. I can walk ok in my soft soled slippers provided it is on carpets, but our house is largely wooden floors and my foot is sore walking on them in slippers.

Outside I’ve walked to the end of the hydro road and in the other direction as far as the arboretum. The driveway to our house causes me the most grief because it is steeply downhill. I had a bit of a set back this morning because it had been my intention to walk to the village and back, but R and I got just out of the driveway when we were attacked by a cloud of ferocious midgies and had to retreat!

Anyway, before the operation I had marked July 13th (three months after it) as “Return to normal activities” and I am still well ahead there as I am now doing all the household stuff and cooking properly. The only thing I am not doing is emptying the cat litter tray because it involves carrying a heavy tray in both hands about 30m over rough gravel to the incinerator.

My bed is back in my normal room and all the disability kit has been put away in the attic. The picture above is of my craft desk returned to normal without the bed right in its way. My tactic of cooking all the freezer food in advance for while I was out of action was a big success – it is now nearly empty as we consumed virtually all of it!

Off to Norfolk next week to go to J’s Mum’s funeral so hoping to get a bit more strength into my foot by then.