Much cat activity

May 30th, 2024

Much cat activity

Summer is in full bloom now, and the new camera is showing a lot of activity.

Here are two squirrels playing with each other.

Then Saphy comes along. She very nearly catches one, but luckily they are able to run straight up the rough cast on the side of the house so it managed to get away. Sadly she has twigged on to the presence of the feeding area and I think it is only a matter of time before she is successful.

We also caught Amber (believe it or not) coming into the house with a dead bird in her jaws. Much as we might try to blame Saphy (who is on a bird a day regime herself at the moment), I am afraid that Amber is bang to rights on this one.

Then finally here is a nice badger we saw in the webcam in the daylight. The new camera is definitely much better than the old one was.

We also saw a lovely young pine marten on the bird table yesterday evening, but unfortunately it didn’t go into the range of the webcam.