Update to the rodent situation

May 19th, 2024

Update to the rodent situation

I think one of the cats (I am still blaming Saphy) had at least three rodents yesterday. The picture is of her chilling after her big day with an abortive picture of Victorian Helensburgh I was trying to paint.

One rodent was dead on my doorsill as per yesterday’s post.
The second looked dead as it disappeared under R’s bed in Saphy’s mouth.
She wrote a poem for R about it.

“Rodents are brown
Entrails are red
I brought you a vole
It’s under your bed”

Then mid afternoon there was a noise from the hall and cat interest in the bookcase there. Due to the Aircast boot there is no way I can go down on my knees so I left them to it. In a while the activity shifted to the wardrobe in my bedroom, and assorted cat noises continued there for several hours. Saphy wrote another poem at this point.

“I know you’re away
I hope you’re home soon
Another mouse caught
It’s in Marion’s room” (yes – in fact that is my name and I bet if you were interested you already found that out – together with the identity of the mystery “R”.)

After the cats had gone, I went for a rather lumbering investigation myself and found a poor little mouse hiding in one of my Crocs. I picked it up and got it to the front door, when it suddenly decided to make a bid for freedom. I shut it in the vestibule with the outside door open and the interior one closed, and on investigation later it seemed to have gone.

I will say that all this is increasing my self-reliance in R’s absence – rather as having to go for my pre-op and actual operation on my own did.