Sex Education

May 17th, 2024

Sex Education

I notice that Sex Education (as it used to be called) is back in the news.
I was a very precocious child and was able to read from age of three (my dad taught me in spite of dire warnings from the educational establishment that this was a bad idea). From books and listening in on adult conversations, I had managed to grasp a (fairly correct) understanding of what happened between a man and a woman which “made babies” by the age of about six or seven.
But all was to change. My parents never even tried to censor what I read (probably seeing a lost battle before they even started), and not having a lot of cash, I used to get some of my reading matter from those bins of cheap remaindered books they used to have outside newsagents. I was (still am) a big science fiction fan.

So one day in Blackpool (my grandmother lived there) aged about 7, I found a particularly lurid sci-fi novel and purchased it for 3p. On page about 20, there was an extremely graphic description of oral sex (involving a woman and a dwarf I seem to remember). So I came to the conclusion that I had been wrong. Sexual intercourse was nothing to do with penises and vaginas – it was all about the tongue.

I have a feeling that I introduced this theory to several people at school, and it was only corrected in my mind by finding another (more medically accurate) book hidden in my parents’ wardrobe.

So I guess Sex Education is important so that children get the right idea, and that they need it a bit earlier than when I got the official version at school aged eleven. I don’t think the revelations in those lessons (2 of them I seem to remember) came as a surprise to anyone in the class.

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