Pine Marten excitement

May 8th, 2024

Pine Marten excitement

R went out on his nightly mission to put peanuts out for “the creatures”. But one of the creatures had forestalled him, had knocked the lid off the galvanized bin we use to store the nuts and was happily guzzling away. It was a pine marten!

When it saw R, it went away and hid in a corner. R went back to see if it had gone, accompanied by me hobbling down the back steps for the first time. It was still there, and while we were looking at it Saphy shot right past us outside.

We had been going to leave the shed door open to leave it to come out in its own time, but with Saphy out there we couldn’t risk her going into the shed as well, so R had to go in with a broom and gently move about behind it to get it to move. As soon as he got close, it fled and I watched it shoot up the hill at a rate of knots. It didn’t seem that scared.

Much as I love martens, we really can’t have it moving into the shed, so we (well R) will need to block up the hole it got in through which was made earlier in the year by Ratty (who now seems to have left the area).