May 7th, 2024


I’m not a massive chocolate fan and in fact I positively dislike cheap “kiddy style” milk and white chocolate. By which I mean most British chocolate like dairy milk etc. What I do like, is 85% dark chocolate, and after lunch every day, I have a few squares with my coffee. R likes the sort of chocolate I hate and vice versa.

So generally, ASDA deliver me my weekly ration of Green and Blacks’ and I keep a few bars in reserve. On this occasion, the reserve bar had been consumed because there was a glitch in the ordering while I was on holiday. And then ASDA for reasons unknown didn’t deliver their chocolate either.

So my coffee went unaccompanied for a day. I mentioned this to R just en passant and as a comment about ASDA, and without thinking any more about it, went to order myself a substitute from Amazon. The only one they had for next day delivery was this one.

I had the idea that I would give R the milk ones and keep the dark ones myself.

But I was not alone in my idea, because the next day, this turned up as well. Ordered by R – the exact same box.

So we both got twice the chocolate!

R also bought me a bar of 100% stuff but I am afraid it was a step too far – it would be ok with a sweet latte – but in combination with black unsweetened coffee it was too much. So it will be made into a brownie.