May 5th, 2024


I’ve been walking on crutches quite a lot this week. I am up to 50 lengths of the hall today, plus I walked down to the bottom of the drive and back. This is more of an achievement than it sounds, as it is 72m long and on a steepish hill. This time last week I could only walk ten lengths of the hall, and that with difficulty. I’m probably weight bearing at about 70% now with no pain – no real idea if this is what I should be doing, but as no one has given me any clear guidance, I am making it up for myself.

One thing that I have noticed, is that the height of the sole of the Aircast boot is about 1.5cm higher than an ordinary shoe, and that this was interfering with my gait a bit. I have been trying very hard to walk with my foot straight and no limp – so to assist, I bought a clip on “lift” for my right trainer.

Here are my feet. The right one is in a trainer with the lift under it.

Here is the shoe with the lift attached.

Walking with this on is definitely easier and makes better use of the “rocker” sole on the boot.

Onwards and upwards…